What is the point really?

by Kiran Pillai

I wonder what is the whole point really?

The need to express, the need to produce some kind of an output, the need to exercise creativity, to be productive, to be effective, to be liked, to be admired, to be adored, to be loved, to be respected – there are a lot of needs in all of us. ┬áThe need to rationalise – “I don’t work for the money!”, the need to justify – “It’s ok!” There are just too many needs in all of us.

I was reading the other day that the whole point is to become ordinary. To remove all the specialness from us. There is no need to be special. There is no need to stand out. No need at all to seek out the attention. No need to project an image. To get lost. To live. To be happy. To be ordinary. That is the whole point. How do you become ordinary in the first place? The earth is ordinary. The animals are ordinary. The plants are ordinary. But, they are all living beautifully. Living in Joy. No hurry. No nonsense. Just being.

I look at the dogs at my house. They are just happy to be. If you give them food, they are happy. If you pet them they are happy. If you speak silly to them, call their name or just ignore them altogether and do your stuff – they are happy. They are happy the way they are. Occasionally chase a cat, a rat or a crow – walk around the house – they are happy. In joy. Abundance of joy once they see the people in the house, what are they wishing for? Money, fame, game, power? It looks like nothing of that sort bothers them.

I look at my parents – simple folk – worked in government jobs, got retired, sitting at home – happy. They are not bothered if they made a lot of money or had people reporting to them or changed the world or any of that sorts. Whatever great effort we put in – it will make not much difference in say 20 years from now. The landscape would be different, people would be different, issues would be different. Things are all going to change in time. So, how does the entire thing work out?

Look at sports. Look at Tennis. Players working out well, putting in their efforts, doing the thing that they are good at – they are just being ordinary with the game. Natural at the game. No add ons. They do work hard to become simple. The strokes, the running – it all looks natural – like the hunter in us – like the gatherer in us. Or are they being extra ordinary?


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